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The next IRMA takes place from 17th to 19th of June 2016

The fifth IRMA takes place from 17th to 19th of June 2016 in the centre of Hamburg, at the Hamburger Messehallen (Hall A3), West Entrance, Lagerstr. 10, 20357 Hamburg.

The IRMA has relocated into the heart of Hamburg. After a sucessful first run of the convention in Hamburg in 2015 the fifth IRMA will move into the Messehallen Hamburg to accomodate for a larger audience.

The Messehallen are in the city centre, about 4,8 kilometres from the main train station and are well connected to public transport. The train stop "Sternschanze/Messe" is wheelchair accessible and only 300 meters from the Wet Entrance.

There are about 220 parking spots directly at the entrance to hall 3 that are eclusively reserved for handicapped visitors. Another 800 parking spots are in the immidiate vicinity.


Important topics on the IRMA 2016


Parasports at the IRMA 2016
On a large surface we will present parasports assiciations and clubs this year. For everyone who is participation where will be enough space to demonstrate their abilities. Changing booths will be provided. Every parasports discipline is welcome. (from darts to fencing, wheelchair dancing, basketball, sledgehockey, table tennis and more)

Wheelchair BasketballIRMA Cup 2016 at the18th of June 2016

We invite wheelchair basketball teams and players to particiopate in out "wheelchair basketball IRMA cup 2016". The winners can look forward to some nice prices. Additionally: Every participating athlete will get free entry to the entire convention.

Sign Ups / Info about IRMA CUP
Ralf Schenk: Mobil 0176 – 22613472,
Yvo Escales: Mobil: 0171 – 4936573,


Focal point: disability and profession

At the IRMA 2016, there are several institutes that can provide information on subjects such as job possibilities, (re-)education, financial aids for creating an accessible workspace, and many more. One of the more important ones in this regard is the “Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration”, a German public sector institute, present with a large information stand, offering a broad range of help, advice and information.

This institute offers all visitors, both severely disabled people as well as employers, guidance when applying for workplace aid. With their program “Hamburger Budget für Arbeit”, Hamburg promotes the inclusion of disabled people from disability specific workplaces (Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen) to ‘regular’ workplaces. For this, Hamburg permanently subsidizes partial wages, financial compensation for employers and professional assisting aides.

Job and Rehabilitation: For the first time on the Irma we have the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund who will present their clinics and provide information about rehabilitation into your job.



Accessibility during (re-)contruction in one’s home
Part of the IRMA 2016 emphasizes on improving accessibility for both the disabled and senior community during construction of and living in one’s home..

Several companies display their accessible bathroom appliances, for instance specialized toilets (e.g. from Spahn ReHa GmbH in Hanau, picture top left), toilet seat adjustments, handle bars, lift systems for bathrooms, bathtub lifts (e.g. from Petermann, picture top right), shower proof wheelchairs, etc.



Elevators, stair escalators

Multiple companies that specialize in elevators and stair escalators are present at the IRMA 2015, for instance Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH (AAT, Albstadt, picture top left) or Handi-Move (Kaltenkirchen, picture top right). The IRMA 2016 displays the latest developments in stair elevators, diagonally and vertically moving wheelchair elevators, wheel chair lifts and regular elevators for individual homes as well as the private and public sector.


(Care) beds
In creating an accessible home for both seniors and disabled people, a functional bed is highly important. Therefore, at the IRMA 2015, you will find exhibits on specialized mattresses, transfer aids, personal lifting cranes, and aids, suited for sleep therapy. Many of the aforementioned products are also available for children. Transfer aids are, amongst others, exhibited by Leonair GmbH (Leonberg), transfer aids and aids suited for the bathroom by Petermann (Dombühl).


Accesibility for cars
At the IRMA 2016 in Hamburg, around a dozen well-known car remodeling and rebuilding specialists will be represented. Amongst these, you will find ASP Aufbauservice Petersen GmbH (Hamburg, Parchim), Jelschen Behindertenfahrzeuge GmbH (Bad Zwischenahn), Mobilzentrum Lönnies (Stelle), EDAG (Fulda), Willy Tiedtke GmbH & Co. KG (Hamburg) and many more

At the IRMA, cars, SUVs and smaller transport vehicles are shown that can meet the specific requirements for seniors, people with mobility problems, people bound to wheelchairs, even the most severly disabled people. All possible aiding products and driving assistances can be installed, for instance handcontrolled acceleration and breaks, swiveling seats for seniors, lifts/ramps for wheelchairs and aids to enter or exit the vehicle. There are even accesible vans in which you can enter with a wheelchair upto the steering wheel, as you can see in the image below.

Whether you are interested in relatively simple adaptations made to a vehicle that provide seniors and people of decreased mobility the opportunity to drive or want to take a look at hightech vehicles that can be operated by even the most severly disabled person: at the IRMA 2016 a disabled person and their care takers will find what is appropriate for them. Also for those people that have dwarfism or those affected by contergan, there are solutions to increase your mobility. On display, you will find motor vehicles where the trunk in the back can be lowered of where the vehicle can be equipped with a ramp to allow easy access for (electric) wheelchairs.

There are mechanical arms to help you load and unload your wheelchair into the vehicle, fully automatically transfering your wheelchair from the driver's door to stowing it behind the driver's seat. Whether bigger, smaller, sports, SUV, Minivar or small transport vehciles - nowadays any type of motor vehicle is adaptable to accomodate seniors and disabled people. A company presenting these fully automatic mechanical arms (see image) is EDAG (Fulda).



Accesible bikes

Specially designed bikes, operated by foot, hand or electrically are presented by Spezialräder(Waltrop),Speedy Reha-Technik GmbH (Delbrück), Ergo Dynamik Busch (Neustadt am Rübenberge), Pro Activ Reha-Technik GmbH (Dotternhausen), Dynagil (Speyer, see image above) and many more. There are E-Bikes and specialized tricycles, aiding the user during the ride, as well as perfectly designed regular, specialized or therapeutic bikes, either hand or feet-operated, with or without an electrical assist. From low-access, backrest adjustable bikes to electric bikes, (motorized) reclining and seated tricycles, handbikes and tandems, scooters, walking bikes and push carts.



Wheelchairs and accesories

Practically every known wheelchair manufacturer oder wheelchair brand is represented at the IRMA 201. Amongst which you will find AAT Alber, Alu Rehab, ETAC, Max Mobility, Meyra, Permobil, SKS Rehab, SORG Rollstuhltechnik, Speedy Reha-Technik, Sunrise Medical, Ulrich Alber, Pro Activ (image top-right), VOLARIS (image top left), as well as medical and health care suppliers like Martens (Bremen), Assmann (Kiel and Hamburg), MPM Mittelpunkt Mensch GmbH (Hamburg) and Krauth + Timmermann (Hamburg).


Next to classic (electric) wheelchairs, you will find a broad range of scooters and children's wheelchairs. Furthermore, several companies present XXXL-wheelchairs with extra stable and broad models. Wheelchair propulsion systems are presented by Ulrich Alber, AAT Alber, Max Mobility and others. Also, wheelchairs for non-typical surfaces like the beach are displayed by for instance Freizeit ohne Barriere (Wildberg, see image). Wheelchairs, scooters and mobility aids may be tested at the available test driving area.


Wheelchairs are rehabilitation for kids - a popular topic at the IRMA

One topic that receives a lot of foucs is rehabilitation for kids, amongst others presented by medical and health care supplier Martens. At the convention, kids suited wheelchairs and other children specific aids are on display. SORG Rollstohltechnik presents wheelchairs, appealingly designed for kids and adolescents (see image above). Also, MPM Mittelpunkt Mensch GmbH is, amongst other things, specialized in children specific rehabilitation.

The IRMA 2015 in Hamburg provides an appealing accompanying program for children and adolescents, like face painting at A.S.P. Aufbauservice Petersen GmbH (Hamburg) and many other events - let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

Prothetics and orthotics are presented by qualified orthopedic specialists or companies from Hamburg and its surroundings.

Associations, communities
At the IRMA 2016, many associations and communities are on location to represent the varying wishes of disabled people and their closest relatives. This year sports for people with disabilities will take the spotlight.


Important topic: accesibilty for traveling

At the IRMA 2016 around 20 exhibitors are expected to present their offers concerning " Special needs traveling " , including well-known tour operators , hotels, vacation home rental agencies , the Embrace hotels as well as the states of Hamburg , Brandenburg and Saxony.

This includes tour operators such as Accamino Reisen GmbH with a large level of information and travel offers in Germany, Europe and worldwide (including ocean cruises and river cruises) and BSK Reisen GmbH with an extensive group travel program .

Also, people who need care and support during the holidays , will find the right offer at the IRMA. The caring service Cura Vital from Lanzarote (see picture above) lovingly cares for the elderly or those in needs of addtional care and/or assistance - be it for a few hours a day or care around the clock to ensure that family members are relieved during the holidays. Holidays with accompanying care takers and professional care from "home " at the resort and " back " also offer "the traveling companion" with Ralf Zimmerbeutel and his team.


Hotels and accomodations as an exhibitioner at IRMA 2016

At the IRMA 2016, many senior and wheelchair accessible hotels, guesthouses, cottages , apartments and tourist regions are again represented for both Germany and abroad. Amongst these, Europe's best wheelchair accessible hotels, like the Mar y Sol (Tenerife), the Residenz Dahlke Bad Bevensen (see photo) , the GDA senior residence Schwiecheldthaus in Goslar, the Embrace hotels or holiday cottage Silver Star in Florida, to name a few for example. Some companies also offer care for sick, demented or otherwise help requiring travelers.


Entertainment & Additional Highlights









At the IRMA 2015 we saw many unusal exhibits, among them for example, a converted tractor for a farmer in a wheelchair by ASP Petersen, a special remodeling company for cars, vans and special vehicles. At the IRMA 2016 we will again show you some more unusual things. You can look forward to a wheelchair accomodated caravan from the Sodermann company and to a wheelchair accessible Trike of the Rewaco company.


Especially beloved by the kids: The service dogs!



Childrens program, face painting

At the exhibit of the car-conversion specialists ASP, in addition to the disabled and family-friendly cars, you will also find that which is very popular with the little ones: face painting.




Admission fees IRMA from 17th to 19th of June 2016:

5,- € per person / day.
Children up until 16 years and students can access the mobility fair free of charge.

Mobility Fair Organisation / further Information
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